• Our parabolic flight research on BBC news

    Parabolic flight research conducted by the lab has recently been shown on a local BBC Look North television programme.

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  • Northumbria University research to help keep astronauts healthy on the moon and Mars

    Northumbria University research will help enable humankind stay fit and healthy on the moon with the long-term aim of colonising Mars.

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  • Virtual tour: Blue Abyss

    The Aerospace Medicine and Rehabilitation Laboratory, Northumbria University, is proud to be supporting Blue Abyss, the largest commercial deep sea and space training, research and development facility in the world, soon to be built at RAF Henlow.  Check out this virtual tour of the facility. 

    Dive into the Blue Abyss (Marine and Space Research Facility) from Blue Abyss Research Facility on Vimeo. Credit: Cityscape Digital

  • Northumbria University supports world’s first commercial space and deep sea research and training centre

    Press Release  •  Jun 27, 2017 14:06 BST
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  • Space tourism could help boost science and health research – here’s how

    Spaceports will pave the way for spaceplanes, helping scientists access space for medical research.

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