Staff Team

Kirsty Lindsay

Scientific Officer in Rehabilitation Sciences & PhD student, Northumbria University (UK)

Kirsty Lindsay is an Aerospace Physiologist and Charted Physiotherapist currently in the last year if her PhD into post-flight re-conditioning and the treatment of Low Back Pain using the Function Re-adaptive Exercise Device. Kirsty gained BHSc in Physiotherapy from York St John University in 2010 and an MSc in Space Physiology and Health from King’s College London in 2013. From 2013-2015 Kirsty undertook the prestigious Young Graduate Traineeship at the European Science and Technology Centre in the Netherlands, where she worked as a project scientist for the  Ground Based Facilities and Concordia programs, as well as an ISS-bound science wrack experiment.


When Kirsty isn’t working in the lab she acts as a STEM Ambassador talking to children and adults about her work and how cool space is. So far she has spoken to children in the UK and Thailand about keeping astronauts health in space.