Gap analyses

A gap analysis system is under development by the group.  While that is being created, below is a list of research gaps already identified by projects undertaken with our group:

  1. Countermeasures for minimising risk of injury to the lumbopelvic area following long-term microgravity.
    Only six distinct human trial populations existed in 2017 in which countermeasures for this body region were tested.  None of the countermeasures trialled were able to fully protect against all the physiological changes known to occur in the lumbopelvic region.  In addition none of the countermeasures trialled were those currently used in actual spaceflight, therefore the effect of current operational countermeasures is unknown.  The evidence base in this area is therefore lacking and futher research into effective countermeasures is needed.  In addition the outcome measures used in the current trials are heterogeneous, it is therefore recommended that outcomes be standardised.  A list of currently used outcome measures is included in the systematic review and could be used inform future selection of relevant outcome measures.  The AMSRG also addovcates the use of participant reported outcome measures as these were not widely used in the studies included in the review.  You can access the full text systematic review here
  2. Human physiological effects of various g-loading to inform medical considerations of Lunar and Martian missions.
    Several outcome data were missing from when the evidence base was reviewed in 2017. This inlcuded morphological parameters such as fibre type composition, muscle fibre length, physiological and anatomical cross sectional areas, muscle pennation angles and tendon function.  In addition data on bone mineral density is missing which is an important outcome for human spaceflight medical operations.  You can access the full text systematic review here  

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