Building on the Aerospace Medicine and Rehabilitation Laboratory's research into spinal antigravity muscle deconditioning and rehabiltiation following exposure to microgravity, the Laboratory successfully applied to take part in the first International Space Life Sciences Working Group Partial Gravity Parabolic Flight Campaign.  The Laboratory's experiment was accepted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and was one of a small number of ESA and NASA experiments selected.  The research study examined the influence of reduced gravity on spinal antigravity muscle function and spinal movement.  Findings from this research will hopefully help understand the potential requirements of exercise countermeasures for use on long duration human space exploration missions to other planetary surfaces (e.g. Mars).  The parabolic flight campaign took place in Bordeaux in early summer 2018 and several scientific articles are now being prepared for publication.  Below is a photo of the team aboard the Novespace Zero-g aeroplane: